The First "So Will I" ers

Scott Reese - The Idea Man

Scott is a founding member of So Will I, Inc. He has a deep rooted love for all people and SWI is a vehicle for him and many others to express this love. His strengths are ideation, positivity, strategic, relator, empathy, and futuristic. Working with a team of capable people to solve then implement a solution is his passion. Come say "So Will I" with him today!

Damon Gohata - Mr. Clippers

Damon is co-visionary as well as a founding member of So Will I. He plays an integral role in providing leadership and ensuring the team stays true to the core vision. When he is not performing his duties as CEO of Ahava Design, LLC, he is focused on partnering with others to help them live out their design.  

Jennifer Lykins - Sr. Grant Writer

Jennifer is an earlier adopter of the SWI mission. She has many years of experience in writing (and being awarded) grants for the different schools she has taught at for the past 20 years. She has earned the title of "Teacher of the Year" on multiple occasions because she has been and still is "all in." She puts the students first in everything she does. She is an extremely talented writer and we are lucky to have her.